• Golden Rectangle

    • Plato said "The Golden Ratio is key to the physics of beauty and complete harmony in nature."
    • Others call it the most pleasing shape to the human eye.
    • This is why we pour our soap bars into molds born of the golden ratio.
  • Dual Natured

    • Two Sides. Two Natures. Two Founders.
    • Sure, it would be a lot easier to pour our soap into a block and slice off pieces.
    • Instead we stood firm on our principles, went the extra mile, and created beautiful double sided molds built to inspire you.
  • The Seal

    • We wax seal every bar of soap we make by hand with our symbol of ORDER.
    • We want you to know we stand by our product.
    • We want you to know this every single time you open a bar of Order Soap so that you never forget that there are others out there just like you doing their very best to forge ORDER from chaos.
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"Art is embedded in nature and whoever can extract it, has it." - Albrecht Dürer

  • Everything Matters

    • We pay attention to every corner, every fold, and every dot of ink.
    • We do this because everything matters.
  • Designed to Inspire

    • We believe people can feel the energy you put into a product.
    • We put the extra work in to make sure that you are inspired every time you use our products.
  • Always Reach Higher

    • The work is never done.
    • We never stop trying to improve because Order is a process.
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Imagine being inspired every time you used soap.

We work hard everyday to make this happen.