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Our Ethos

Order Soap is the story of two life-long friends who wanted to build a company which produced something they could feel good about.

  1. It had to be useful to society.
  2. It had to improve upon what came before it.
  3. It had to be ORDER.

The Order


At the heart of our brand lies The Order Symbol, a representation of our philosophy and a beacon for our actions. This emblem is more than just a logo; it is a stargate to understanding how the manner in which we order our lives can profoundly influence our future.

Symbolic Components Explained

The Order Symbol features four triangles arranged around a central ring.

Each triangle is a tribute to one of Plato's cardinal virtues: Discernment, Temperance, Fairness, and Courage.

These virtues represent the foundational qualities we strive to embody in our daily operations and reflect in our products.

Enclosed within the ring are three waves, each symbolizing one of the sacred virtues articulated by Saint Thomas Aquinas: Faith, Hope, and Love.

These waves are at the core of the symbol, signifying the essential role these virtues play in guiding our ethical and operational compass.

The Order Soap


"To create the best bar of soap in existence and offer it to as many beings as possible so that they may forge ORDER from chaos." - Mike & Joe, Founders of Order Soap

Order Soap

Company Mottos

We call these the Mottos for ORDER. We hang them on the wall and use them to guide our actions. We believe they help us bring the best out of our company.

1. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

2. Be forthright with your intentions.

3. Lead with your best foot forward.

4. Order through action.

5. Own your actions.

Needless to say we've put a lot of thought behind the system that makes our soap.

We believe everything matters. People can feel the intention behind a product. If we are going to live up to the bigger than life mission we set for ourselves, then its going to take everything we have. Thanks for taking this tour of our thought process, and as always, it is an honor to be your soapmaker.

Explore the results of our happy labor.