For those who want the best.

Order Soap was founded with a simple mission.

Create the best bar of soap in existence.

This is how we succeed.

It starts with

Oil Selection

Your skin is the largest organ on your body.

That is why we choose only the most exceptional organic oils to use in our soap.

Our oil is good enough to drink!

Next Comes

The Scent

Most soap companies use artificial scents and fragrances because real essential oil is expensive.

We never compromise. We use only the purest essential oils in our soap.

Once you smell the difference you will be revolted by the fake scents that other companies have been getting you to rub on your body.

Then comes

The Form

One of our principles is that everything matters.

Every time you shower it is a chance to wash away the old and to bring in the new. So start your day with ORDER.

That is why we pour our soap into golden ratio bars. Every moment is a chance to be inspired. Take it.

And then

The Finish

Our bars are going places.

They are headed into the hands of powerful people. Influential minds. Creative hearts.

So you better believe that each bar is carefully inspected, given a white glove finish, and hand sealed with the symbol of ORDER.

Order Soap